AUM at the moment € > 200 bln
Customer service 24 / 7 available
Certified ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & ISAE 3402

Raising the bar on Allocation Management worldwide

Alloq is a robust SaaS solution, and the ultimate tool for managing allocations in institutional asset management, such as pension funds and insurers. Alloq is provides portfolio managers with a secure and transparent environment in which they have full control over Alloq’s internal rulesets and calculations. Alloq can be adjusted to suit any strategy, now and in the future.

Connecting Asset Managers with the best Fintech

Supports the whole spectrum – From cash allocations and capital call management to [factor] rebalancing and simulations.

Client specific – Adjust the ruleset to suit your client’s needs in a controlled environment.

Supports the whole process– In full control of the process, including (market) data validation and four eyes principle.

Secure and certified – Recognized by leaders within the industry, ISAE 3402 type II audited each year, and ISO 9001 & 27001 certified.

“By collaborating with VI Company in the development of Alloq, PGGM has been able to further improve the quality of its portfolio management and to execute more efficiently.”

Uri Soetendorp, Head of Client Portfolio Analysis & Management (PGGM)

The advantages of using Alloq

Alloq is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Our dedicated development team takes care of hosting & maintenance. By doing so Alloq does not require resources from your organization.

  • User-friendly & intuitive interface.

  • Accessible from any device.

  • Automatically generated audit trail.

  • Meets all security requirements.

  • One single tool for all your allocation management needs.

Certified & recognized

Just like our clients Alloq greatly values secure and well-maintained processes.

In continuous development

Alloq is being used by our clients since 2018. However, new features are still being developed and implemented. The most recent features include:

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